12 Benefits of Coconut Oil

12 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the superman of all the oils. As it can be used on hair, skin, lips and can even be use for cooking purposes. It offers a lot of health benefits and has a good taste too. It also extremely versatile. It can go with a lot of oils and the best thing is that it helps to moisturize scalp as well as body. Many people use coconut oil as a moisturizer or body lotion in winters. It has also been shown that adding coconut oil to your diet could be one of the easiest way to improve your health, well being, appearance and even your sex life. It also helps to reduce weight. It has so many benefits and its so versatile, it had to be the superman of all the oils.

It typically comes in two forms- Virgin oil and Refined oil. Virgin coconut oil is produced by cold pressing the liquid from the coconut and it has a milky appearance. Its 100% natural and unbleached. It is known for its pleasant aroma, taste and powerful antioxidants. Whereas refined coconut oil is refined and processed through heat exposure. It has very less flavor of coconut and its made of dried coconut.

Here are some benefits of using coconut oil

1. Increases metabolism

2. Protect from UV rays

3. Helps to control blood sugar

4. Aids with digestion

5. Helps with weight loss

6.  Moisturize skin

7. Protects from hair damage

8. Acts as a natural deodorant

9. Makes an excellent lip balm as it soothes chapped lips

10. Helps with cholesterol

11. Improves oral health

12. It can treat inflammation

Coconut oils are the best as they help in so many things for our skin, hair and body. It is advised to use virgin coconut oil as its the purest form of oil and its completely 100% natural. We at SE’HERMOSA believes only in natural ingredients and natural products. All our products are 100% natural and are loved by everyone. Because we believe NATURAL is BEAUTIFUL.


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