How to keep your hair healthy?

How to keep your hair healthy?

Who doesn’t want healthy hair? Who doesn’t want to flaunt their long lustrous hair? Bad hair is a total bummer and it’s a beauty fact. The challenge is that our hair are constantly prone to damage, even the UV rays from sunlight can damage our beautiful babies.

Having thick, bouncy and shiny hair has always been a goal for all the girls, but maintaining healthy hair sometimes is a difficult task and requires attention. To use oil? or not to use? Wash hair everyday? or maybe twice or thrice a week? There are various kind of questions we get all the time to get healthy hair.  But don’t worry we are here to help you with the same. Here are some tips which can help you get healthy hair today!

Trim Regularly

Make sure you trim your hair regularly. Short hair should be trimmed every 4-8 weeks and medium hair should be trimmed every 6-12 weeks. It may sound untrue but trimming helps in hair growth because regular trim helps to remove damaged hair and split ends. Trimming will make your hair soft and flexible and helps to prevent breakage.

Properly cleanse with Shampoo and conditioner

Cleaning your hair is most important as dirt and dust get collected in your hair and promotes breakage. When clean your hair using shampoo, remember to focus on the scalp not the ends of your hair. Apply shampoo on your scalp and clean it thoroughly. Condition your hair after shampooing to revive your strands with moisture. Apply the conditioner with special focus on the ends of the hair and not on the roots.

Good Diet

This is the most effective and proper way to keep your hair healthy. The hair cells needs nutrients like vitamins, minerals and iron which are found in certain foods. We recommend you should eat iron and protein rich foods like fish, beans, soybeans and vegetables, milk and peas everyday. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated for healthy skin, nails and of course hair.

Oiling is important

Oiling is a very traditional way of promoting hair growth. It works by regulating the amount of oil produced by the oil gland in the skin of your head. Oil produced then moisturize the hair and the scalp. You can use olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Do deep massaging of hair for good blood flow. You can also use Onion Oil if you have hair fall problem as it promotes hair growth.

Use satin pillow covers

Cotton and other materials are rough in nature and creates friction which leads to breakage of hair. On the other hand, Satin pillow covers reduce hair breakage due to friction.

Try to follow these tips and you can see the change in your instantly. You will be able to get healthy and lustrous hair and can make EVERYDAY A GOOD HAIR DAY.

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