What is Jade Roller?

What is Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are massaging tools typically made with one or two stone heads. It is commonly used for skin care as it boosts blood circulation, reduces under eye swelling, and helps products absorb better into your skin.  It is a centuries old Chinese skin care tool for the face made from solid jade stone. The tool typically features a larger stone designed for use on the cheeks, jaw and forehead, while the smaller stone is ideal for under the eyes and around the mouth.

Jade Rollers helps to eliminate puffiness as it gently massages the lymphatic system, a network of tissues and organs just below that skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste. The cool and smooth surface of the roller helps to reduce redness and access muscles and tissues with just the right amount of pressure.

If you believe in the power of crystals too you’re in luck because jade is associated with protecting against negative energy.

Jade Roller benefits

Helps to relax the skin

Jade roller gives a soothing effect when you massage on the skin especially around the eyes and forehead, it helps to relieve tension.

Fights the signs of aging

It helps to relieve the tension, you look less stressed  which results to youthful skin.

Helps to reduce eye bags

Aging often happens when the soft tissues around the eyes start collecting fluids. It can start collecting fluids if we don’t take enough sleep, rub our eyes and even makeup irritation is also a cause of the same. The smaller end of a jade roller can help gently massage this fluid out of the soft tissue around the eyes without being too harsh as to cause bruising or further irritation.

Minimizes puffiness

Lack of sleep, crying, eating salty food, hormonal changes and many other reasons can cause puffy skin and under eyes, due to all these conditions our blood vessels dilate and the fluids become trapped in the layers of the skin which can make our skin look ruddy and can cause fine lines and wrinkles. A jade roller can help ‘milk’ this excess fluid out of the skin and back into the lymphatic system.


If you want to reduce puffiness under the eyes and mitigate dark circles, then its advisable to keep the jade roller in the refrigerator before rolling over skin. Apply an eye serum before using the roller over the skin.

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