5 steps on How to use KERATIN TREATMENT at home

5 steps on How to use KERATIN TREATMENT at home

Keratin is a protein which is required by our hair like we need food for our body, and keratin treatment helps repair the damage on the hair by  replacing the protein that your strands have lost due to chemical treatments, heat styling, pollution and other damages you have been exposed to. It has been said that Keratin therapy is the miracle way to get smoother, shinier hair in just one appointment in the salon. Not all the keratin treatments are natural. Salons use chemical laden treatments in keratin therapy.

Not all the treatments created equal and not all the treatments are accepted by all hair types due to the chemical present in them. For many women including the famous personalities the secret to smooth, shiny hair resides in the keratin treatment. The de frizzing process is popular than ever.

But can you afford it? What does it actually do? And how long it will last? There is a lot of mystery around keratin treatments. So we are here to guide you.

Keratin therapy which you get in the salons are very expensive and they use chemical process to give your hair smooth and shiny effect. They can last up to 3 months, but they are infused with chemical.

Keratin treatments do wonder to your hair and gives wide range of benefits like adding moisture to the hair strands that make them soft and smooth. Make your hair soft, shiny and free of tangles.

You can get the keratin treatment at home. Just follow these easy 4 steps and get rid of those chemical infused keratin treatment.

1. Oiling

Oiling plays an essential role when it comes to our hair health, as oiling can make your hair soft and can make hair fall less when you shampoo. Use any natural oil and gently massage your hair with the oil 1 hour before you wash them.

2. Use hot towel

Take a hot water damp towel and wrap up on your hair after 30mins of oiling your hair. Keep the towel for 10-15 minutes.

3. Shampoo with Keratin shampoo

After this process, Shampoo your hair with SE’HERMOSA KERATIN SHAMPOOMassage it properly in your hair from the roots to the hair ends. Shampoo gently for at least 2-3 minutes and then rinse it.

4. Condition with keratin conditioner

After shampooing your hair with keratin shampoo. Condition them with SE’HERMOSA KERATIN CONDITIONER. Use the conditioner on the tips of your hair. Do not use on the scalp. Keep it for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off.

5. Dry your hair

Dry your hair with blow dryer. Do not over use the hair dryer as heat styling damages the hair. And then feel your soft and shiny hair.

Eliminate fizziness and damages on your hair with only SE’HERMOSA KERATIN THERAPY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER COMBO and get soft, shiny and smooth hair naturally and affordably.

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