Onion oil and Banana shampoo combo




As you all know, bananas are great for hair and scalp. They improve the manageability and shine of the hair. They also prevent and control dandruff, and moisturize the scalp. In fact, bananas are rich in natural potassium oils which helps to soften the hair. Additionally, the oils protect th hair’s natural elasticity, preventing split ends and breakage.

Moreover, bananas are rich in nutrition. They can give your hair a boost in texture, thickness and shine. This is the reason you will find many people using homemade herbal shampoo for hair growth, which are made especially using bananas. Similarly, our herbal shampoo made with the best quality bananas promotes the strengthening and thickness of hair.

Bananas also contains silica. It is a mineral element that helps your body to synthesize collagen and make hair stronger and thicker. It does not end here; they also have antimicrobial properties that can heal flaky and dry scalp relieving dandruff symptoms. This means you can end your search for the best shampoo for dandruff by using our Banana Shampoo.

This potassium-rich fruit is a boon for hair and helps in moisturizing dry hair, controlling hair loss and overall hair growth of hair. Apart from the nutrients mentioned above, our product contains folic acid, which adds beautiful shine and glossiness to your hair. The homemade herbal shampoo is also enriched with a fresh banana puree with banana fragrance. It will add a natural aroma to your hair along with making it soft, shiny, bouncy, and smooth.


We use natural ingredients like AQUA, which is the best for dry and damaged hair. It increases the moisture level of hair and adjusts the pH balance. We also use WHEAT PROTEIN, which thickens the hair, adds shine and repairs damaged hair. It easily penetrates the hair shaft and absorbs into the inner fibers of the hair, making our product the best herbal shampoo for daily use.


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